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big boob problems.

to the anon looking for a strapless bra in 30F. I’m 90% sure Bare Neccesties carries them (You’ll have to order online though). Just type their website in and click on Bras: Size 30F. I wear 34 F (sometimes FF) and I know their band sizes go down to 28.

Do you about abrathatfits and bigboobproblems subreddits? I started wearing the right size (30f) and just feel so much more normal in my body because of them. Now if only I could actually find a strapless bra.

I don’t really go on Reddit, so no, I’ve never looked!  And I know right??  A good strapless bra evades us all, though…I have one that does the job, it’s not the greatest but I need to wear it so infrequently that is doesn’t matter much :)

To the anon who's looking for neon bikinis: Ardene's sells tops and bottom separately, and many styles have backs/halters that you tie, so you only need to consider the shape and size of the cup.

I think she’s looking for tankinis though, but thank you :)

Where's a good place to buy bathing suits?!?! I've been looking everywhere but it's hard with big boobs. What's worse is I'm barely about to turn 15, and I'm pretty short. I wear a 34D, I want to find a neon tankini! Have any ideas?

Online is probably your best bet!  Victoria’s Secret does carry 34D for sure, and Aerie does as well (I actually got a couple bathing suits from Aerie that I LOVE).  34D is a fairly common size so it shouldn’t be too difficult :) a neon tankini is a pretty specific request though…I just did a quick Google and I didn’t really find anything for any sized boobs!


Hi friends!  I’ve decided to start a blog (an actual blog, not a tumblr), mostly because I want to make myself write.  This is my first post, about how I have become too fat for my leather pants, and how I feel about this.  I’d love for y’all to check it out :)

Adventures with Leather Pants: An Epiphany

2 fingers? Lmao omg... i can like pull my band like 8 inches ... shit.. hahaa. thanks for the advice! Next time I go bra shopping I will definitely look into that. I think you're actually right, I used to wear a bra that was 34D, and the band was straight across, but my boobs grew and are no longer a D. That was a while back. Thank you!!

Yeeeahhh that sounds like it’s just a wee bit too big :P

No problem, I’m happy to help!  And good luck, do feel free to report back :)

really? My boobs always look saggy even in my bra... they go as far as down to where my torso "curves" so you can't see the hourglass shape, it's almost covered by my boobs.. So I should try maybe like 32DD? The thing is I rarely see those in stores. Does it hurt your spine wearing tight bands? Does the band stay "straight across"? B/c for me the band is alway super high up my back and low on my chest, from the side the band makes a shape like this \ in a way, like it tilts to one side more

That all means your band is too big, your whole bra should be parallel to the ground.  It doesn’t hurt my spine at all!  Generally I can go through the whole day without any discomfort.  If you’re wearing a 36DD now, then try 34DDD.  Up a cup size, down a band size.  Remember, you should only be able to pull the band out about 2 fingers on the LOOSEST hook (since it will stretch with wear). Victoria’s Secret does carry 34DDD, I know that for a fact, but they don’t always have it in all styles.  I’d recommend going to a more speciality bra store though, since VS is more fashion-centric, at least for your first bra.  And do get measured, though take it with a grain of salt, because those measurements aren’t always accurate and don’t take your breast shape into account.  I 100% promise you, once you get a proper fitting bra, your boobs will not look saggy.

im kinda "thin" too i'm 5'3" and i weigh 130lbs, so i'm pretty decent/average. I wear 36, and it's kind of "loose" but if i tighten it too much it starts to dent my skin and it hurts my spine a lot...

That’s the issue, nobody is well informed about how bras are supposed to fit so everyone is used to wearing ill-fitting bras!  The tighter band does take some getting used to but it’s how it’s supposed to be.  Like I said in that post, 90% of the bra’s support is supposed to be coming from the band.  Also, literally as soon as I got my new 32DDD bras, I started getting “did you lose weight” comments just because they perked up so much.  I mean obviously what bra size you wear is your prerogative but hey!

you're... a 36DD?? your boobs look small though, and i like the shape. i'm also a 36DD but my boobs look bigger than yours? weird how that works. i think mine are heavier, they sag further down due to the extreme weight, while yours look "lighter" that's why they have a round circular full shape. Mine look like overflooded "tearducts". Yet it all fits in the same bra. Strange. Your boobs are beautiful btw i'm so jealous :c

Nooo I’m 32DDD.  So a cup size smaller (I’d be the same as a 36D if you translate it).  I really urge you to try different bra sizes though, just because your boobs “fit” into the bra doesn’t mean it fits properly!  A 34DDD perhaps?  Or maybe even 34E?  I’m not exactly thin yet I wear a 32 band size, so I generally have a hard time believing anyone who says they are a 36 :P

I'm only a freshman in high school and I already have 36D's! I hate my body because I've always wanted small perky boobs! Not huge heavy ones! They make it look saggy when they aren't!!!!

I’ll let ya in on a secret…sometimes even smaller boobs are saggy, and sometimes big boobs are perky.  So don’t feel like you’re missing out on something by having big boobs, because boobs are actually so much more varied than porn would have us believe.  And don’t you worry, any guy (or girl, if you’re into that) who gets your top off won’t be complaining, because boobs are boobs.  And if they do complain then you get the fuck outta there.

Question though, are you sure you’re a 36D? Because you’re probably not wearing the right size if they look saggy in your bra, because I totally know what you mean.  It’s quite possible you’re actually a 34DD.  Here, check out the difference there was between an ill-fitting bra and one that actually fit (warning: you are about to see me shirtless [with a bra though!])