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big boob problems.
Hello I am the 14 y.o who just sent an ask with the band size being too big and all and I found a website that might of just told me my proper bra size so instead of being a 36c I ended up being a 32DDD and I thought that was a little weird but it might work if I do get a proper fitting, as I asked in my other one, sorry for so many asks aha, other than VS where would you recommend? here is the website by the way(:

That’s not weird at all!  If your current bra cups do fit properly, and you are in fact a 32 band, then it would technically “translate” into a 32DD; however, the only way to know for sure is to go try some stuff on! I believe a 32DD shouldn’t be too difficult to find, but you might have trouble with the 32DDD.  VS does have it, but I find their 32 to be larger than the other 32’s I’ve tried.  I’m not sure what is available to you in your location, but if you see any speciality lingerie shops around, or department store lingerie departments, give them a go!  Also, if you do go to VS and they try to measure you, TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT.  Recently, I was again measured by a La Senza employee (La Senza and VS are owned by the same company), and was told I was a 36C, despite the band of the 34DD I was trying on at the time (La Senza doesn’t carry 32DDD, but this bra was very pretty and on sale so why not) being clearly way too big for me.

I have a bit more of an in-depth explanation of bra fitting on the FAQ’s, so do feel free to check that out as well.  Good luck :)

I measure a 26GG, but it seems like no one makes bras in 26 bands, especially here in the U.S. So, I've resorted to buying 28G bras, but the fit is hit-or-miss. It's terrible spending $50+ on a bra that doesn't even fit properly. Do you, or might anyone out there, know of any companies that make 26GG? I know we all have this struggle, but, I just want a bra that fits!!

My goodness, honestly I didn’t know a 26 band size even existed :(  honestly I’m not sure what to tell you, online might be your best bet!  Otherwise, you might want to look into getting bras custom made…horrible, I know, but at least you’d be guaranteed a proper fit!

im 15, 5'10, uk size 8 for bottoms but a 30FF, i feel uncomfortable at the beach in a bikini because all my guy friends point them out and i can never have a proper conversation without them staring, what do i do?? thanks xx

You poor darling, I know boys can be super immature sometimes.  Unfortunately, there probably isn’t much you can do at this stage in the game; they’re only 15, and boobs are really interesting to 15-year-old boys for some reason.  My only suggestion would be to talk to them seriously and sincerely, and tell them that they are making you feel uncomfortable and that it’s making you not want to be around them.  If that doesn’t work, they clearly do not respect you as a person or a friend, and you might want to cut them loose.  I’m sorry if that wasn’t much of a help, but I wish you the best of luck, and I promise it gets better as everyone gets older!

vs measured me as the same size as u and the cups fit fine((maybe a little snug)) but im a lot skinnier than u((not to be taken in a mean way, just a fact)) and the straps r always falling down. what should I do? and where r some places i can her measured properly? thanks!

If the cups and band are fine and it’s just the straps, then you’re probably wearing the correct size, just VS’s straps are too long.  The band size is more based on ribcage size rather than weight (unless you are very heavy), hence why it is entirely possible for us to be the same bra size despite you being skinnier than me.  Maybe see if you can sew them shorter, or get your mom or someone to do it?  As for proper measuring, don’t go to chain stores, they won’t do you right.  Try to find a speciality lingerie shop.  Additionally, measurements should only be taken as a guideline regardless.  Just because they measure you at a 32DDD doesn’t mean that you are; in fact, they might not even carry your proper size (which sucks, I know).  Go to a speciality store (or Change, if you live near one), and just try a bunch of sizes on.  The ladies there are more likely to be better trained and will know how it is supposed to fit!

Would you know good places online to get bra's in a 34G (UK sizing)?

Check the FAQ’s :)

In case anyone needs this, do NOT go to Victoria's Secret to measure your bra size! They are full of shit! I went there and was told I was a 36D. Two weeks later, I get measured at Nordstrom's and I'm a 32F.


Generally, those fashion-y stores suck for measuring, i.e. the time LaSenza measured me at a 36C when I was actually probably a 32DD at the time.

I'm 13 & 5'1. my cup size is 36D. my chest is just so massive on my frame. sweaters & hoodies do help, but it is getting hotter out. any suggestion without breaking dress code or looking inappropriate ? pls & thank you 💕.

I know it’s tough being so developed at such a young age - the sad thing is, schools crack down so much more on the youngsters, alienating them and making them feel like it’s THEIR fault!

Anyhoo, I used to dance with a girl who had enormous boobs and a small frame, just like you.  We actually had no idea how chesty she was, though, until we were all changing together.  She managed to keep them relatively caged, and usually she wore a tight tank top with some kind of loose top over it.  Luckily, looser, higher-necked tops are in style right now, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find stuff to at least wear to school!

Outside of school, wear whatever you’re comfortable in.  I know it’s hard now, since your body is changing so much.  It’s hard to feel normal.  You will grow into yourself though, mentally and physically.  I promise :)

I just stumbled across these bras - I don’t own any myself, but I’ve read some reviews, and they seem promising! Just thought I would share :)

Is it weird that I want to have bigger breasts, while I'm already a size 30G/GG? I am 6'0 and about 163 lbs, and I can't help but feel that my breasts are too small for my frame, besides my BWH measurements being 40-25-41.. Is that just me being insecure of my body or are other people dealing with similar situations?

Of course it’s not weird!  I think we can all relate to your insecurities; it’s tough to feel “normal” when we don’t see bodies that look like our own in the mainstream media.  But if that’s your natural body, that’s your natural body.  It is yours, and there isn’t anything you can do to change it, so you might as well learn to love it (or at least live with it)!  Try not to focus on measurements, especially ones that you have absolutely no control over.

What stores will measure your bust?

Pretty much any lingerie store (chain or otherwise) or the lingerie department at a department store offer free bra fittings if you ask them!  If they don’t do fittings, they probably aren’t a very good/professional store, so I’d go somewhere else.  Just be sure to treat the measurements as a guideline only, as the traditional measuring system doesn’t really take breast shape into account.  For instance, I was once measured at a 36C, when I was probably actually about at 32DD at the time - my boobs are kind on more wider and flatter than they are round and perked out (if you get what I mean) when not in a bra, so I get why that might have happened.