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big boob problems.
Is it weird that I want to have bigger breasts, while I'm already a size 30G/GG? I am 6'0 and about 163 lbs, and I can't help but feel that my breasts are too small for my frame, besides my BWH measurements being 40-25-41.. Is that just me being insecure of my body or are other people dealing with similar situations?

Of course it’s not weird!  I think we can all relate to your insecurities; it’s tough to feel “normal” when we don’t see bodies that look like our own in the mainstream media.  But if that’s your natural body, that’s your natural body.  It is yours, and there isn’t anything you can do to change it, so you might as well learn to love it (or at least live with it)!  Try not to focus on measurements, especially ones that you have absolutely no control over.

What stores will measure your bust?

Pretty much any lingerie store (chain or otherwise) or the lingerie department at a department store offer free bra fittings if you ask them!  If they don’t do fittings, they probably aren’t a very good/professional store, so I’d go somewhere else.  Just be sure to treat the measurements as a guideline only, as the traditional measuring system doesn’t really take breast shape into account.  For instance, I was once measured at a 36C, when I was probably actually about at 32DD at the time - my boobs are kind on more wider and flatter than they are round and perked out (if you get what I mean) when not in a bra, so I get why that might have happened.

I know this is more of a statement but I think it could help some of us. I went to the doctor because I have some mild rib flare (when the bottom two ribs stick out more than you typically see in magazines/ads/ect) and I was worried. Turns out, most women with boobs on the larger size tend to have rib flare! I'm 5'3", 110 lbs and a 28H, so you could say my boobs are a bit... bigger. I just wanted people to know that rib flare is nothing to be ashamed of and they are beautiful!!

Thank you so much, I didn’t know that!  I’m sure everyone will appreciate knowing now :)

I'm 13 and I wear a 36D/38D. Is that considered big boobs for my age?

If your’re over a D, I personally consider that pretty big, but I am not the Big Boob Club President.  If you consider them big, then they are!

Is it weird that I'm skinny with big boobs? (32 DDD, 130 lbs, 5,7) its hard to fit into dresses and stuff. Also, where can I find a cheap bra online in a 32ddd/32f?

Of course it’s not weird!  Your weight does not determine your breast size.  As for bras…unfortunately, there are very few “cheap” options generally if you’re over a D-cup or if you have a weird size, the least expensive is probably around $40  I feel your pain, I’m also 32DDD! My best suggestions would be Change, Victoria’s Secret or Bravissimo, because they all carry 32DDD (make sure to double check your size with Change and Bravissimo though, as they are European/UK companies so their sizing is different).  If you live outside the US though, be forewarned that VS charges an arm and a leg for shipping!

So i'm 17 and my body just started to grow basically. Last year I noticed my boobs got bigger and my body got curvier and I started to put on weight. Now, none of my bras fit and my clothes don't fit right! My boobs look all saggy and idk what to do!

Well, your body is changing and there isn’t really much you can do about it besides accommodating your new one!  ie. get re-fitted for new bras, get some new clothes.  I do recommend getting new bras before anything else though, because once you have the proper size they will sit higher and change your whole silhouette, and your clothes will fit differently.  If they’re looking saggy while in a bra, chances are you need to go down a band size (or two) and up a few cup sizes.  Always remember to dress the body you have, not the one you wish you had.  You’ll be a lot less stressed.  If you’re concerned that they look saggy naked, there isn’t really much you can do about that…just remember that very few people actually have perfect perky porn star boobs (especially considering 95% of those porn boobs are implants anyway), and if anyone ever reacts negatively to seeing them, tell them that they can go fuck themselves, clothe yourself, and exit. Good luck :)

I'm 15, and I typically wear 34DDD or 36DDD. I'm trying to find a bikini. It has to be a bit modest because my mother doesn't like for me to show a lot of cleavage. I prefer to wear halters I can adjust, that way I can make it has tight as I want. Last year I was a 36D, and I found a bandeaux with halter straps, but know I can't find any that'll fit. Does anyone know where I can go to find a bikini?

Any speciality lingerie place will probably have swimwear for big boobs, but I do have a couple suggestions! (the Kelly Brook line goes up to an F cup!) (I bet some of the non-moulded-cup ones would work)

If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to toss ‘em this way :)

IM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU! Im a 36DD. Had to get a corset prom dress that was 1-2 sizes bigger my senior year. Sweater dresses are my fav but people are like"DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT?"No-_- its just when I wear shirts,the stomach is always baggy so I look fatter than I am. I have that weird pink rash under & inbetween my boobs. Im insecure about sagging and my nipples so Im getting them pierced to fix that insecurity. Everyone compliments my boobs when they see them but meh. I scream big boob problems!

Man, I had a rash before…go to the doctor, they’ll give you a cream to get rid of it!  I tried self-medicating with tea tree oil first, but I would not recommend that, it just made it very burn-y and red :P

As for insecurities…don’t worry!  I know nothing I say will really make much difference, but believe me when I say that very few people actually have pretty porn star boobs…even people with small boobs can have a bit of sagging or “imperfect” nipples.  There are no “normal” boobs, and generally people know that, hence why people are complimentary.  If anyone is ever less than complimentary about your boobs, slap ‘em and put your shirt back on, because they are probably a shitty person.  I mean, you just let them see your boobs!  Who are they to complain?

Is 36D big enough to be considered part of the big titty committee? 😂

I’d say so, but I’m not supreme ruler of the big boob club or anything…if you feel like you have big boobs, then ya do :P

to the anon looking for a strapless bra in 30F. I’m 90% sure Bare Neccesties carries them (You’ll have to order online though). Just type their website in and click on Bras: Size 30F. I wear 34 F (sometimes FF) and I know their band sizes go down to 28.