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big boob problems.

"Ive had a breast reduction a few months ago…changed my entire life.. I’m happier and much more confident .. went from an f to a c …amazing"

- a message from plasticperfection

Do you or anyone know decently priced, quality bra that comes in a 28G/H? Preferably under $40? The only ones I find in the store are $80, so the internet is my last hope to get a properly fitted bra. Thank you!

Here ya go :) (some of these are on the pricier side but there are a few sale ones!)

AND OMG guys I totally missed this, but you can shop online at Change now!!! Not sure when that started, it must have been within the past few months because you weren’t always able to.  Just remember the sizing is European so be sure to plug your size into a converter or consult a chart (just Google it) before you shop:

P.S. For anyone who doesn’t know what Change is, it’s a lingerie store chain that carries a HUGE size range, and it’s the store that changed (lol) my bra life. Only problem is they only have stores in Canada, Scandinavia, and a few places in Europe, so it’s great that they ship worldwide now :)

I'm a 32DDD too! super inconvenient size sometimes :/ I work at Victoria's Secret and even with my discount it can be hard to find bras!

UGH I know, I usually end up ordering online if I really want a VS bra, and even then half the styles don’t come in that size :/ At least they actually carry 32DDD now, since they didn’t up until like a year or two ago!!!  I’m hoping they continue to expand their size range, though that might be some wishful thinking :P

B to F?????!! that's terrifying!!!

I know, poor lady.  Hormones can be giant assholes.  Of course, some of that was also due to minor weight gain, but it certainly wasn’t enough to warrant growing 5 cup sizes!  She’s a happy D now though :)

i dont get why you're trying to convince people their boobs are beautiful. This isn't about beauty, this is about legitimate pain (& emotional). I'm afraid you don't understand. As for the anon who asked how to relieve back pains, I'd try working out to see if losing weight will make my breasts smaller, and also do exercises that can strengthen my back. That is a lot of work though. There isn't much that can be done but a surgical procedure, honestly. It's a curse. :(

Well, if the hatred stems from self-consciousness about their size (which, for some, it does), then changing perspectives would be beneficial. Everyone’s experience is different, and maybe I don’t understand your personal problems, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t understand anyone.  As women, we’re pretty much trained to criticise and hate our bodies for not conforming to society’s ideal, and in addition, breasts are such an oversexualized body part that, if they’re that large, it’s easy to feel like nothing but a walking pair of boobs.  I’m pretty sure there’s a post on here talking about being called a “slut” based purely on chest size, and that’s obviously not fair.  Not feeling comfortable in your own skin can be a huge emotional draw, and having “too big” boobs can be as much of a confidence killer as tummy fat or stretch marks or small boobs or cellulite or every other thing we’re told can be “wrong” with our bodies, so if you can quit seeing those things as so negative, the sun might just shine a lil brighter.  That’s been my take on the whole situation.  Plus, you know, most of the questions say, “how do I feel more comfortable with my size?” or something similar, which I interpret to mean “how do I learn to accept my boobs?”  And in order to do that, you need realise that all bodies are beautiful - no matter your boob size.

If the pain is, ya know, physical, then you’re right, a change in perspective can’t do too much to help.

About breastfeeding - if a doctor is skilled enough he can preserve most of the breast milk, but that's with luck. It also depends on the procedure and whether or not they will cut, reposition, and resize your nipples. If you're seriously suffering, a breast reduction is ideal, and I'd try to work with feeding my baby what I have left, and mixing it with formula. This may not be most young girls' concern, but I've read many women regret their reductions when they struggle feeding their children.

Thanks for your input :)

Of course you can have children with formula, but that's not very healthy to the children. After you have a breast reduction you usually don't lose ALL your milk, but at least half. I'd recommend feeding your own milk as well as formula. Your own breast milk helps the immunity of your baby. It IS essential and you can't deny that. Also random question, how big are your own boobs and what's your weigh/height? I'm personally 5'3" 132lbs and 36DD. I'd get a reduction but I want healthy kids first.

I totally agree that it’s better to breastfeed, I was breastfed myself, but for some people it simply isn’t an option.  Even the breast reduction issue aside, some women just don’t produce enough milk for the baby anyway.  Or a lot of the time breast implants prevents milk production (though I don’t think anyone here will have that particular problem :P).  My mother has implants, actually, but she was lucky enough to still be able to breastfeed.  It is possible to raise a child on formula, even if it isn’t ideal.  Lots of kids have been raised that way and they are clearly still alive.  Obviously, if you can provide at least some milk, go for it, but it isn’t the ONLY option.  It’s a personal choice, really, in my opinion.

And no worries, I’m 5’9, 155lbs, and 32DDD. So, big enough to cause inconvenience, but not big enough for life issues, I suppose :P I don’t feel a reduction would ever be necessary for me, unless they grew drastically after pregnancy (a friend of mine’s mother went from I think a B to an F after having kids, so she understandably had a reduction).  I know a lot of the girls on here have it way, WAY harder than me!

I'm a 32DD and I get back pains from my boobs. What can I do to ease them?

Honestly, there isn’t really a magic “cure” for that, beyond the normal methods (painkillers, massage, heat, you know), or the extreme, that being breast reduction. And make sure you have well-fitting bras, because proper support is essential!

Are you sure it’s from your boobs, though? There are a whole host of other things it could be (eg. bad posture, sleeping funny, something out in your back), and 32DD isn’t really THAT big, unless you have a really small frame. I’d try maybe going to a chiropractor, if you haven’t already :)

I think you can get a breast reduction if you're under 18 if you have parent permission. I've heard of girls under 18 getting breast reductions. It's not recommended but if they're so huge, some insurance companies will pay for the procedure. The issue with breast reductions that you need to remember, and I've never seen this blog point it out: Is that it can damage your chances of BREASTFEEDING!! That is an essential part to motherhood! But if your breasts are so painful, it can be worth it..

I didn’t know about the breastfeeding thing, which is why I’ve never pointed it out, so thanks for letting us all know!  I wouldn’t say it’s an “essential” part to motherhood though, necessarily…at least not in the sense that you’re “not a real mother” or “not mothering correctly” or whatever. Though breastfeeding definitely provides health benefits to the baby, plenty of kids grow up on formula just fine (as long as you pick the right kind, of course). And if these girls already have, you know, J-cup boobs, I shudder to think how big they’ll get during pregnancy, and I’m sure they do too.  Personally, I think the pros usually outweigh the cons in such cases, but that’s just me.

I’m pretty sure most doctors do recommend you wait until after puberty, though, just because the size is still likely to fluctuate, though in extreme cases I’m sure it would be worth looking into.

"I can’t stand my boobs. I’m 5 foot five and 170lbs. I wear a 36FF. I don’t know how to handle it, all of my bras come from Bare Necessities. I want to hid in large sweatshirts and never wear remotely anything revealing. How do I get more comfortable with my size?"

- question (make sure you send these as asks next time please :) )

Comfort with your body honestly comes with time and age. I’m going to guess you’re fairly young still (under 18 at least). And everyone can shove the “you’re beautiful the way you are” message down your throat 30 different times a day, but you’re never going to accept it until you’re ready to accept it. And that comes with time. Something that really helped me come into my own was looking at others with my body type portrayed in a positive light, as it helped me to see my own body as beautiful, even if I didn’t look like my skinny-mini gym-pushing best friend. My favourite blog is, she posts beautiful pictures of curvaceous models and submissions from girls just like you & me :)

My hope is that over time mainstream bra stores will start carrying a wider size range, so we don’t have to go searching high and low just to get a proper fitting bra, which I’m sure will help us all feel a bit more normal :P because every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy, regardless of their size :D