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big boob problems.
So I have a problem. I'm 5 foot 3 inches and I play volleyball and softball. Last year at about the start of school they were measured 30C. Now they're 30GG. I've gained about five pounds (120lbs) so I don't understand how I gained 5 cup sizes. It's annoying because I can't find any decent bras. And I'm 16 so all the guys in my grade are acting weird around me because they're big. Where can I find decent bras for 30GG cup and also how old do I need to be to get a reduction? Thanks

Well, if you live in the US I’m not too sure, as I live in Canada, but if not, you can check the FAQ’s section for some suggestions :) try department stores or specialty lingerie stores, that’s your best bet!

As for a reduction, I’m pretty sure most doctors would recommend waiting until after you’re done with puberty; also, unless your parents consent, I think you’d need to be 18 (legally an adult).

So I was just wondering if there's a specific time when your boobs stop growing? (Besides when you get pregnant of course) but I am 18, and am up to a size 32DDD and it seems like they won't stop! And the weirs thing is that I was an A cup before

Honestly, no. Because you will continually have hormone fluctuations and weight fluctuations throughout your life, your boobs are likely to change with you. I mean chances are you won’t randomly go from a B to an F or anything after you’re through with puberty (AKA around 18 or whatever) but varying from one cup size to the next isn’t uncommon. Experts recommend that you get measured every 6 months, but personally I ain’t got the money to get a new set of bras every 6 months. In my experience, I went up about a cup size in the past 3 years (I’m 20 now).

In conclusion, no, there is no specific time. Things concerning your body are rarely concrete or specific :P

I'm a 38C (American size) and I play a lot of different sports (track, tennis, soccer etc) and it's becoming harder and harder to find suitable sports bras that will support me. My friends suggested I try the multiple sports bra method, the problem with that is its too much pressure on my chest and makes it hard for me to catch my breath. Do you know any stores/brand named that sell supportive sports bras?

Sorry love, I don’t do a lot of active stuff and when I used to dance Lululemon was fine for me! Other than that I got nothing :(

If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to toss em out there :)

Do you know of a reliable American to European sizing chart?

Just Google it! It ain’t rocket science. Cup size wise, European sizes don’t have any double letters and just go down the alphabet, aka AA=A and DD=F. Not too sure about the band sizing, though.

It’s kind of hard to have an “unreliable” sizing chart though, because it’s all very exact! At least as far as I know :)

How do I make my boobs look smaller, I'm a freshman in engineering (in other words, classroom full of horny boys) and my size is 34dd (usa), so I really would like to know what i need to wear so my boobs don't look that big D:

A fellow large-breasted friend of mine was very good at hiding her boobs; in fact, we (that is, the rest of the dance group) had no idea her tits were so large until we all undressed in front of each other. She generally wore a tight tank underneath (to suck em in) with some kind of oversized top, like a tunic. Black also helps. Regardless of your boob size though, horny boys will be horny boys…I always say to wear whatever the hell you want. It’s not your responsibility to make them keep it in their pants.

YO GUYS, I made an FAQ’s page :D Check it out if you want!!!

So this is the most dumbest question ever, but how do you know when your bra doesn't fit..? I try bigger bras and they end up to big.. I'm a 32D and I'm falling out of this one... What size would be next.? 32DD??

Well, there are a whole host of things that can be wrong with your bra. A well-fitting bra should sit parallel to the ground all around (should not be riding up at the back), and you should really only be able to fit two fingers under it, or all the support will be coming from the straps, and that is wrong. If that’s the case, you will likely need to go down a band size and up a cup size (i.e. 34C —> 32D).

If the cups are giving you a double-boob effect, or if your nipples are constantly coming out, the cups are probably too small. Also, the middle part between the cups should be flush against your ribcage, with no gaping.

Basically, it should fit, keep everything in, support, and be comfortable everywhere. Try a 32DD, but also try 30DD and 30DDD if you can find em. LaSenza and Victoria’s Secret both carry 32DD, but you might need to go to more specialty stores (i.e. Change, if you can find it) for the others. Additionally, make sure you try lots of different styles, because everyone’s boobs are shaped different and are therefore better suited for varying styles.

So I'm a fairly petite girl (5'2-5'3) and 110 pounds but I have 34Ds. When it comes to buying and wearing tank tops I'm a wreck. I usually get a size small cami because it fits my torso but I show too much cleavage. What can I do to have a cami that is still fairly tight on my torso but also cover my boobs?

Dude, I am a card-carrying member of the Torso Smaller Than Boobs Club (boobs are a large, body is medium). It depends what you want the tank tops for. If you’re using them to layer under stuff, then a bralette is always an option! Not the stupid tiny ones with impossibly small cups, the ones that look kind of like lace sports bras, like this:


This one is from Garage and I have two of them. Garage actually fits on the larger side (AKA I actually generally do wear a medium rather than large).

As for actual tanks, I can’t really help ya :( are mediums really that much too big that they’re unwearable? Keep in mind too that if they are at least part cotton, they will shrink a bit if you put them in the dryer!

Also, when you say cami, do you mean like spaghetti strap tanks with those useless shelf bras? Because honestly, I just cut the shelf things out. Much less restricting and will help cut back on the cleave.

I am pretty sure I am a 40E my back has been hurting a lot and i love sport bras, but i can't find any that support me super good, i mean they are good but not good enough, Also, How much do bras bigger that a DD run, do i need to get them custom made?

I don’t know much about helpful sports bras unfortunately beyond my own experience (I’m 32DDD) :( Lululemon carries up to 38DD, and they have pretty awesome sports bras, so maybe that would work?

But for normal bras, you do most certainly not need to get them custom made! If you’re confident in your size, ordering online is always an option - there are plenty of specialty large-size sites, if you do a quick Google :) also, as I’ve mentioned, if you live near a Change store, go there!!! Their size range is absolutely massive (they have up to a K European size, which I believe is like an H or I US), and they have some pretty styles.

for the petite girl looking for bras with shorter straps, try maidenform bras, they carry all sorts of sizes and their straps adjust to be very very small!