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big boob problems.
I wear a size M bra, and I'm 20 years old, and only 265lbs. I am extremely ill proportioned. So, finding reasonably priced bras that won't disintegrate upon the first impact between my foot and the ground, and clothes that aren't male, or that don't look like a hot air balloon parked on top of me, is almost absolutely impossible. I know that you've been asked quite a few questions about large breasted fashion lately, but I was wondering what advice you could offer for someone as big as myself.

Ahhh I’m sorry, this one is a bit out of my range :( I’m no expert or anything, all I can offer is what I know from personal experience.  Can anyone else help this lovely lady out? :)

Im recovering from an eating disorder which means lots of weight gain and all of a sudden I have huge boobs! Im like a big 32C/ small 32D. Its really a downer trying to shop because now even large dresses don't fit. Any advice to help me love them?

Hey love, kudos to you and I send you all the hugs :)

As for the clothing issue…I do wonder what stores you’re trying to shop at because for me, at about a big 34D/small 34DD, I can shop perfectly fine at Forever 21 (usually a L there), H&M (usually a size 10) and other common stores.  Unless you live in Asia, because then I would understand.  I visited Korea (I’m half Korean) a couple years ago, and let me tell you, at 5’9 and a robust 155lbs, it was near impossible to find clothes that fit me.  Of course, I can’t necessarily wear whatever I want if I want the clothes to be flattering, so it’s just a matter of finding what works for your body :) I’d be lying if I said I always loved my boobs, but I’ve definitely learned to work with them!  I fill out my clothes, and I love every minute of it.  Just remember that your body is changing and that you’re not going to look the same as you did in clothes before - and there’s NOTHING BAD about it :D

Some tips for big-boobed clothes shopping:

  • BANDEAUS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND.  Seriously.  Invest in a couple.  They help cover cleavage in low-cut tops without bunch-y layers.
  • Buy things oversized if you have to.  A belt can help cinch in the waist!
  • Fuller skirts will help balance your frame.
  • Button-up shirts are hard to find, unless they are meant to be oversized.  We must all accept this.
  • You need to find a happy medium between high-neck and low-cut, because high-necked stuff usually looks like an awful ski-slope thing on large chests (there’s a post about it somewhere :P)

Since I’ve been living with these sweater puppies with a fair few years, I can usually guess what will look good on me (and presumably other like-chested ladies) and what won’t.  So, here are some suggestions to work off of:


(Forever 21)




(Urban Outfitters - I actually own this dress, LOVE IT!)


(Also Urban Outfitters - also own this and love it too!)

P.S. Don’t mind the small chests on the models.  I can 99% promise these will look just as good on big boobs - at least in my experience :)

So, in conclusion, clothes CAN and WILL fit you, just not in the way you’re used to.  Plus, 32C/D is FAR from the worse you could have it.  I’m sure they seem huge to you, because I assume it’s a big change from your previous size, but those E-cup ladies would probably kill for your size!

I hope I was of some help.  Good luck on your road to recovery, and remember…love your boobs, they are a blessing…most of the time ;)

I get rashes between my boobs pretty often, it's worrisome and gross. Is this normal???:((

Ahhh I had that problem last summer, it was so horrible :( have you seen a doctor about it?  For me it was apparently a fungus (lovely, right) caused by a lack of oxygen/too much moisture in my cleavage.  She gave me an anti-fungal cream and it went away after a couple days and it hasn’t come back thus far.  Moral of the story, it’s not uncommon and you’re not alone :) definitely see a doctor, or if you want to try a natural route, try applying diluted tea tree oil to the area.  MAKE SURE IT IS DILUTED THOUGH, that shit burns at full-strength :P

im 16 and my size is a 32gg and recently i went to get a nice bra for a wedding that i went to and i was talking to the sales lady about how its tedious having big boobs and she told me "people pay lots of money for what you have, so put your chin up and embrace your boobs!" just thought i'd share :)


I have 32D boobies but they sit in a weird position - like close to my armpits and I have NO cleavage what so ever. It looks awkward and I have a very prominent breast bone. I've tried push up bras but then I look like a bitch from Hooters (aka fake as fuck) do you think I'm possibly not the right weight for my knockers or something LOL

I’mma be cheesy about this and say that YOU are YOU, and there is no such thing as “not the right weight”.  Try different cuts of bras, personally I find balconet and demi-cup bras to be very flattering, and that’s just from the cut and minimal padding :)

is it possible for young people to have saggy boobs

Of course it is, and a lot of large-breasted girls do…don’t let porn fool you into thinking that all boobs are perky and round ;)

Any advice for getting rid of stretch marks (or just making them less noticeable)?

Bio-oil, or plain ol’ vitamin E oil works too and is cheaper!  Just get pure vitamin E capsules (they’re not hard to find, just check the vitamin sections of whatever store), pierce it with a pin, squeeze out the oil, and rub it wherever needed!  This works for any other kind of scar too :)