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big boob problems.
Does anyone know anywhere in Canada where you can get size 30DD bras?

Go to Change, my friend :)

I am Canadian, I went to Change, and their size range is ridiculous!

I am a very petite person (4'11), 18, really tiny except for my boobs witch are 32D. I don't have very much trouble finding bras in this size, but 9 out of 10 times I find a bra that fits the straps are far to short. The only straps that are short enough are in the kids department, where they obviously don't have the proper cup size. Do you know of any places that sell petite bras for a reasonable price?

I’m assuming you mean that the straps don’t shorten enough? As a non-petite person (I’m 5’9, so kind of the opposite :P) I personally do not know of a place…sorry! Anyone able to help this lovely lady out?

To that girl who talked about her friend that doesn't believe her real size: show her a video by Bubzbeauty called Bra Fitting Guide (I personally think all girls should watch this).

Yes, that’s a good one as well - I was debating between frmheadtotoe’s and Bubz’s :)

Here it is for reference:

I'm a 40b and I'm 20 years old. At least you all have bras that would fit! There is no such thing as a 40b push up bra!

Both ends of the spectrum are tough, girl! 30G is hard to find too ;)

I measure a 36FF (UK sizing) and 36H (US sizing). I recently got a new bra in the mail from Bare Necessities (love it! My first actually proper sized bra! I have been wearing 36DD... :P) My bestie and I were talking about bras, and of course, she doesn't believe my size! No one does! They all think I'm a DD. She tells me it was a waste of money/a lying money scheme. And I'm trying to prove to her that bras are made differently then she thinks! I'm not sure how to go about that though.

Dude, that’s silly. Not your size, that she thinks it’s a lying money scheme. Having the correct size bra does wonders for your own comfort and your confidence. If she wants to run around with ill-fitting bras, let her. Only you will know the comfort of a well-fitting bra! :) Also, you can show her the following video…this girl has a small chest, but the principles are the same.

Wild young things fiasco?

I fully agree with what this article says. They can claim that the line was aimed at college-age girls all they want, but they appeal way more to the younger set. Pink dogs, excessive sparkles, colour-explosion palettes, way too much animal print, and sometimes all of those in the same article, are not what most college-aged girls are looking for in their underwear. As a college-aged girl myself, I can support this notion. I shop at PINK sometimes (their undies are comfier, because VS likes to put lace trims in the buttcrack of their thongs and I ain’t about that life), and it is SO hard to find ones that aren’t tacky. Like, no, I actually don’t want to run around with the word “mwah” in a metallic speech bubble printed on my vagina, thanks. Maybe when I was 14, I would have found it cute, but certainly not now.


I'm 15, and a 32DDD in American sizes and I got measured at VS. I got three bras there during their huge yearly sale and they all fit perfectly, so I guess all workers there aren't totally incompetent!

Size buddies!

Yeah, I dunno man, maybe they’ve stepped up their game since I was last measured, because it was a few years ago now. I don’t necessarily entirely approve of VS and their marketing strategies (eg. the whole “Wild Young Things” fiasco, their “Love Your Body” campaign containing only very thin models, etc.), plus their sales strategies are somewhat phony; I can attest to this, having worked at Bath & Body Works (both companies are owned by Limited Brands) for a brief period, and they are a big fan of the “bother customers and use hokey, falsely-personal sales tactics in order to make them buy stuff” approach. I know they’re not the only company to do this of course, but it makes me like the company less. I gotta say though, they make some damn good quality bras. I hope that their recent release of the 32DDD size (well, recent as in within the last couple years) paves the way to an even wider size range.

im a 36b and im in love with this blog. is that wrong?

Nahh, not at all! Boobs are pretty annoying no matter what size to be honest. All boob-ed people welcome :)


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Sowwy for the self promotion o:)





Here you go everybody. Help us out.




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